About ParkingHawker

Welcome to India’s first online parking booking app, PARKINGHAWKER ! We aim to resolve the inconsequential difficulty of finding or booking available parking slots in surrounding area which is faced by thousands of people on a everyday basis. We aspire for solutions which brings technology and life closer and accessible.

Parkinghawker is part of this new initiative and integrates various characteristics aimed at enhancing the parking experience for residents and visitors. That helps you find, reserve and pay for parking easily. Our motive is to provide you a hassle - free parking experience.


We help you find the cheapest and best parking space that is convinent and easy. We assure to provide many features that no other parking platforms will provide you like Booking, Navigation, Searching, Safety & Security and many more services that gives you the best parking experience.

Booking : We all love to reserve a spot for ourselves right? Parking vehicles on roadside is not a tuff job to do but I'm very sure you know the consequences you will have to face in future. One of the consequence will be that your vehicle might get towed away. For instance when we are going to Movie Theatres we book tickets in advance so that we won't face any problem in the availability of tickets after going to the theatre. In the same way even you can book your desired car parking place by using our App.

Our platform provides the use a short term booking as well as long term rental booking. So if you want to go out of the station for a few days and if you don't have a parking area in your apartment to keep your vehicle. You might not be able to afford airport parking rates and even if you want to park in malls, they don't allow longtime booking. Parkhawker can be of help in this stressful situation. Parkhawkef helps you book the best, cheapest and secure parking space for the long term at a very reasonable price.

Navigation : We understand how hard it is to go to travel to an unknown location. Usually people search on Google Maps to reach their destination but at times people don’t get the exact place from the map. As we all know it's very easy to find places like malls, theatres, hospitals, hotels etc but when it comes to find a particular location like a house, it’s really very hard.

Parkinghawker helps you in this problematic situation. Parkinghawker will store the exact place of the parking location and will give you a navigation feature that will direct you to navigate your desired parking location. This feature helps you to have a stress - free experience.

Searching : You all love your cars and bikes right? You would surely want your vehicles to be in a safe and secure parking place which has CCTV Cameras & Security guards to guard your vehicle. Parkinghawker provides you a authentic parking place so that there's no mishappening with your vehicles. We also provide security to private property so that you don’t have to worry about the place where you have kept your vehicle.

Safety & Security : Most of the time when we go to places like hospitals, shopping malls, and many local areas with your car, without knowing that there may not be car parking spaces available. Maps will help you find popular sites but Parkhawker will not just provide you search but also some extra information like current availability, prices, distance, etc. Parkinghawker also helps you search apartment parking areas.

Frequently Asked Questions About ParkingHawker

  1. What is Parking Hawker?
    Parkinghawker is a hyper intelligent parking platform, where user can search and book a parking place at their needed location. Parkinghawker supports rental parkings and long term parking . Parkinghawker depends on latest software and technology which will allow you to detect your vehicle in realtime post parking your vehicle in the parking place.
  2. Why do I need to add my vehicle number at the time of booking? Is it safe
    We need your vehicle number to make the process of post booking convenient. You dont have to wait for a parking operator to register your vehicle numbers manually. The systems will detect your vehicler when it enters the parking spot and then you'll get a video stream to monitor your car . We will never share your personal details to anyone, no matter what the situation is. We'll keep it as our secret.
  3. How can your platform help me? How safe is your platform ?
    Nowadays people living in urban areas are facing problem to find a parking spot to park their vehicle. We list the safest parking spots and show you the parking places where you can park your vehicle without any hassle. We aim to be the goto place for parking spots or places. We've used state of the art technologies to solve all your parking related problems. We have built the entire platform while pushing security and transparency to the limit. You can detect your vehicle at realtime for the peace of your mind.
  4. Does Parkinghawker allow cashless and no contact bookings ?
    Yes we allow cashless mode of payment You can book a parking spot and park your vehicle at your allocated place without any contact with any person or any other mode.
  5. How can I rent my empty parking spot?

    • Follow these easy steps :-
      You can contact us directly via phone ( +91 9871972434) . We will take the details from you and your empty space is get listed on our platform.
    • Email us at We will contact you and process the request.
  6. What would be the minimum duration to book a parking place?
    It depends on the spot you have chosen, the minimum duration for car and bike parking space may differ from hourly to monthly basis.
  7. How to make the payment for booking a parking place ?
    To make the payment you can download our app " PARKINGHAWKER " and search nearby parking space or any location then you have to choose the best parking place for your vehicle based on your requirement and make the payment to confirm the booking. You can opt for any payment method, UPI, card, or net banking. Unfortunately if you are not able to complete the payment then you can call our support team, they will send you a payment link using which you can make the payment.
  8. How to reach the booked spot location?You can go to the My Booking option and there you can see your booked parking space. There will be a navigation button. You can tap on that button, this will open the Google Maps with the location added on the Map. If the booking has been made through offline, then our support team will send the parking location.
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