ParkingHawker- Android Mobile Developer

arkingHawker is a online parking booking service company delivering smart data and advanced analytics to solve parking issues for their user nationwide. parkingHawker pioneering technology makes the parking experience for consumers easier, while making corporate campus, cities, and universities more efficient. Our vision is simpleā€”to solve parking and make smart cities in reality.


You will be responsible for future direction and on-going implementation of the parkingHawker Mobile App and Parking SDK, which provides real time parking guidance to drivers and automatically detects parking events such as parking arrivals and departures. You will work closely with other members within, and outside of, engineering across a wide set of disciplines.


  •  3-7+ years experience of software and Android mobile development, with solid understanding Android Google design principles and interface guidelines

  • Demonstrated success creating native Android applications available for commercial release through Google Play, with examples of previously developed mobile applications

  • Proficient with Java

  • GIS and visualization of geographic data

  •  Design of map-based and navigation applications

  • Excellent communication skills

Desired Experience:

  •  Combination of start-up and large project experience

  • A solid understanding of networking, algorithms, memory management, and concurrent programming

  • Write maintainable code with extensive test coverage, working in a professional software engineering environment (with source control, dev / stage / prod release cycle, continuous deployment)

  • Software development team in an agile environment

  •  Integration with 3rd party and internal web services and APIs

  • Android Background Execution of apps and services, best practices and limitations

  • Android location API, such as Activity Recognition, Geofencing, Location Services

  • Android user location tracking with efficient battery utilization

  • Developing Android SDKs for integration by 3rd party

  • Android System Permissions, and best practices for protecting user privacy

  • Knowledge of or experience with iOS development will added advantage

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