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 Who are we at parkinghawker?

parkinghawker is a company that provides parking facilities to the customer and the owner of the parking space. We are a third party who is active in bringing a customer to the provider. We make these services available via an online platform, which is also based on social network. We help those customers who find it difficult to locate a parking in the city through an easy going online approach.

 Where can one locate the parkinghawker parking facility?

parkinghawker is currently helping the cause of parking in Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Kanpur, Indore, Shimla, Manali, Lucknow along with Nagpur and is diligent to avail the parking services all over the country.

 How can one book a parking or list the available parking space with parkinghawker?

The process is simple and quick. One has to register with parkinghawker either by accessing the website or through the mobile application with a basic set of information.

 Is it mandatory to create an account separately to register with parkinghawker?

The user is free to use an existing account with Google or Facebook to sign up with parkinghawker. However, if anyone does not have either of these, then there is an option to create an account with parkinghawker.

 How secured it is to login with social accounts on parkinghawker?

It is fully safe and secured to login with social media accounts. The only requirement is the authentication of the user’s account, once that is done no other information is accessed from that account.

 The registration is done yet no verification mail has been received. Why?

In this case, the registered user is supposed to check their spam or junk folder of the registered account. To avoid this in the future, the user can add parkinghawker to their contact list of the registered account. For further assistance required, feel free to write to parkinghawker at support@parkinghawker.com.

 How to update the profile with parkinghawker?

After login the user will be redirected to the home page. On the right side of the screen, the user will be able to see their name and clicking on it will take them to the dashboard page. Click on the 'Edit Profile' on the left section of the screen to update profile information.

 Is it mandatory to provide mobile number?

Yes, it is required to share the 10 digit mobile number so as to receive the details of parking to the user at the time when a booking is made and also to the service provider of the parking space to connect with you when needed.

 What to do once registration is completed with parkinghawker?

The registered user can visit the profile page to provide the relevant information and then start using the services. It’s that simple.

 The booking is not being made even after the registration is done. Why?

The registered user is required to add their vehicle in the profile page using the ‘Add Vehicle’ tab to book a parking slot. This might be the primary reason for a booking failure. If the problem still persists, feel free to reach out to parkinghawker support.

 What is a different vehicle has been driven to the parking site which was registered on the website after a successful booking. Will the parking space be made available?

Most parking providers may accept a different car unless the parking provider is using Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system to identify the booked car. The user is suggested to call the parking provider and ensure that it is okay to drive a different car. The booking confirmation email contains the parking provider’s contact details.

 Can one make multiple bookings from one account?

Yes, the user can do so if the vehicle has been successfully appended with the user profile.

 How to confirm a booking?

On reserving the parking space, the user will get an email and a SMS on the registered account and number respectively confirming the details of booking along with parking owner’s contact. The user will also receive an OTP which is to be shared with the parking provider when the user has reached the parking location.

 Why is the OTP important?

The unique OTP is generated every time a booking is made to start with your reserved parking slot.

 What if the OTP has not been received?

The OTP is generally received by the user within 10 minutes of booking. If the time has passed, then contact the support at parkinghawker.

 A parking space had been booked successfully but the provider was not able to accommodate the vehicle. What to do now?

The inconvenience caused is deeply regretted. However, the parking providers are bound to accommodate the booked vehicle at the selected slot. In this situation, the user is requested to report the same to the parkinghawker team immediately and necessary steps will be taken at the earliest. (Another parking availed or not.)

 What if the parking location shown is different from the exact location?

We acknowledge that the situation may arise as the map services also have their limits. To avoid such scenarios, there is always a landmark provided by the parking provider for the parking location. Even then if it is not sufficient, then the user is suggested to reach out to the parking provider.

 How to fix the parking prices?

To arrive at a reasonable price, the parking provider is recommended to list their parking spot at a low price to start with, as high prices may lose customers and reduced ones may attract more than the capacity of the facility. If the parking spot is always busy with bookings, then revision of the price can be considered.

 Can the parking provider upload images of the parking facility?

Yes, the feature is available on the parkinghawker website and parking providers are encouraged to share the additional facilities offered like a covered parking space along with images.

 Can the parking providers add additional features of their parking space?

Yes, if there are any additional features associated with a standard parking space, they must be shared with the customers.

 Initially a parking user account was registered with parkinghawker, can one also list a parking space from the same account?

Yes, a user can do so using the same account registered with parkinghawker.

 What are the various parking options available with parkinghawker?

The user can book a parking space as per their requirements. The hourly parking option is available if the space is required for a few hours. Say the parking is required on a monthly basis then that can also be done. Else, there is also an option of weekly parking with parkinghawker.

 What if the user is late to reach the parking space as per the booking?

In this scenario, the user is supposed to convey the same to the parking provider as he/she will be waiting at the decided time.

 Who shall one contact in case of a technical issue at the time of booking a parking space?

In the rare scenario of a technical problem, the user can try booking the parking space after a few minutes. If the problem persists, report it to the parkinghawker team via email at support@parkinghawker.com or through the helpline number at 9871972434.

 Q: What makes ParkingHawker the best platform for parking solutions?

A: ParkingHawker stands out for its user-friendly interface, diverse parking options, and cost-effective solutions, making it a one-stop destination for all your parking needs.

 Q: How can I download the ParkingHawker app?

A: You can download the ParkingHawker app from the App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android devices. Simply search for "ParkingHawker" and click the download button.

 Q: Is ParkingHawker available in my city?

A: ParkingHawker operates in various cities globally. To check if your city is covered, you can explore the app's location services or refer to the city list on our website.

 Q: Can I use ParkingHawker to find both short-term and long-term parking?

A: Yes, ParkingHawker offers a range of parking options, including short-term and long-term rentals, catering to diverse needs.

 Q: How do I search for parking spaces on the ParkingHawker app?

A: Use the search feature within the app to specify location, dates, and other preferences. The app will provide a list of available parking spaces that match your criteria.

 Q: Are the parking spaces on ParkingHawker secure?

A: Yes, ParkingHawker prioritizes security. The app includes features such as user reviews, secure payment options, and information about each parking facility to ensure safety.

 Q: Can I book parking spaces in advance using ParkingHawker?

A: Absolutely! ParkingHawker allows users to book parking spaces in advance, providing peace of mind and eliminating last-minute parking concerns.

 Q: How do I pay for parking reservations on ParkingHawker?

A: Parking reservations can be paid for securely within the app using various payment methods, including credit/debit cards and digital wallets.

 Q: Can I cancel a parking reservation on ParkingHawker?

A: Yes, users can cancel parking reservations, but the ability to cancel and associated fees depend on the specific terms of the parking facility. Check the app for details.

 Q: Is there a rewards program for frequent ParkingHawker users?

A: Yes, ParkingHawker offers a rewards program, allowing users to earn benefits through the "Refer & Earn" program and other exclusive promotions.

 Q: How do I list my parking space on ParkingHawker for others to rent?

A: Listing your parking space is easy. Simply create an account, provide details about your parking space, set pricing, and make it available for others to book.

  Q: Are there specific requirements for listing a parking space on ParkingHawker?

A: ParkingHawker provides guidelines for listing parking spaces. Ensure that you provide accurate details, adhere to safety standards, and meet the platform's requirements.

  Q: Can I track my parking reservations and history on ParkingHawker?

A: Yes, the app features a dashboard where users can track their parking reservations, payment history, and other relevant information.

  Q: Is ParkingHawker available for business accounts?

A: ParkingHawker accommodates business accounts, allowing companies to manage multiple parking spaces efficiently. Contact our support team for business solutions.

  Q: Can I book parking spaces for events through ParkingHawker?

A: Certainly! ParkingHawker is an excellent solution for event parking. Users can book spaces in advance, ensuring hassle-free parking during events.

  Q: Are there discounts available for using ParkingHawker?

A: Yes, ParkingHawker frequently offers promotions and discounts. Keep an eye on the app, as well as our website and social media channels, for the latest offers.